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Reasons for Patek Philippe brand’s success and why Patek Philippe Watches so Valuable…


Patek Philip is, for the most part, viewed as the top brand among all significant Swiss watchmakers. Rudiger Bucher, Editorial Director of WatchTime’s German sister magazine Chronos, lays out a few reasons for Patek Philippe’s success.

Reason #1: Expertise


Patek Philippe has aced each part of fine watchmaking – from the hand-winding two-hand watch and “standard” inconveniences with capacities like a yearly schedule or second-time zone, to complex perfect works of arts, tourbillons, and split-seconds chronographs. Mind-blowing craftsman craftsmanship goes connected at the hip with the utilization of the present day, cutting edge apparatus.


Reason #2: Tradition


This level of expertise cannot be achieved overnight. Patek Philippe has been in presence for a long time and has delivered observes ceaselessly during this time, bringing about a tremendous measure of experience that is passed on starting with one age of the watchmaker then onto the next.


Reason #3: Vision for the future


Although Patek Philippe has such a storied tradition, the manufacturer is not bound to its past. On the one side, the organization keeps up the estimations of the conventional craft of watchmaking while at the same time putting significantly in the utilization of new materials, innovations and creative techniques. The brand has likewise settled on a cognizant decision to make new structures like the 2015 pilots’ watch, the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time (which we spread in detail here).


Reason #4: Quality


Quality is the most profitable resource at Patek Philippe. The entire company is designed to support it. With the presentation of the Patek Philippe Seal in 2008, the organization forced inflexible models that frequently surpass ordinary industry benchmarks. Be that as it may, the duty to quality does not simply apply to the watches themselves. Patek Philippe places the most noteworthy models on representative preparing – from the watchmaker to the salesman, including client bolster that reaches out from deals to support.

Reason #5: Family-owned company


Patek Philippe started in 1839 and has been driven for more than 80 years by the Stern family, with the proprietorship now in its fourth era. This provides a high degree of consistency in the company’s philosophy and policies. It also excludes the possibility of radical shifts in direction imposed by a changing management, so the path of success will most certainly continue. This guarantees maintainability, which is firmly lined up with the accompanying point.




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